01 October 2010

Yay for October!

It's a new month, and I am ready for Fall! Not that the tropical weather we've been having has been at all autumn-like, but just as soon as it cools off I have my sweaters and boots at the ready!

Here are 2 pages I did this month using Crate Paper's Restoration line, and can I just say LOVE?!? It's my new favorite, and I want to cover everything in my house with it.
There's this old skool band called The Dave Clark 5...And now so are we! It's funny, even though my parents, brothers and I were 5, I never expected to be part of another family of that number. Having twins changed how we do everything--but I am pleased to be a 'party of five!'

OK, so I'll miss this about summertime--playing outside! It's so nice to have a patio to move our messy activities to--and Chloe looooooooooves to paint, she could spend hours doing it! Now to figure out how to 'paint-proof' our rumpus room for the long winter!


tracy said...

cute layouts. Love the party of 5 story. those babies are just growing up too fast!!

Holly* said...

great layouts! crate paper's restoration line is soooo yummy! love what you did with it!