08 February 2013

Wreath Tutorial

Hey everyone, Judean here to share a quick Valentine's wreath idea. These striped paper straws seem to be everywhere lately, I saw some in the dollar section of several big box stores recently. I used about 50, and cut 15 in half. Then, starting with the long ones, I glued them using my glue gun around a card stock circle. The middle section will be covered up later, so you don't have to worry too much about keeping the inner edges neat or even. I focused on getting them evenly distributed around the circle, and keeping the outer edges in line.

Next I went in with the shorter straws and glued them in the spaces in between. Finally, I added a paper rosette and gitter-puffy-heart sticker to the the middle, and a ribbon on the back for hanging.

Voila, quick and inexpensive Valentine's decor! Need some love-themed embellishments? The Paper Issues store has some cute goodies, like the Wild Thang kit seen here:

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