12 October 2010

In-between moments

Those are the moments I have to get crafty...It's a little frustrating, but I'm doing the best I can! So I have everything I'm using at the moment piled on the sideboard in our dining-room, and I stick things down as I walk by...Here's what I have been working on recently:
Pics from this past summer in NH--they capture Peter's spirit so perfectly, he such a happy guy!
And these are a couple I snapped with my phone, after a Sadie/Mommy grocery store run. Can I just say, I loved pretending like I had only one baby...it was liberating! And Sadie got so much attention--when I'm out with 2 or all 3, people are so focused on the fact that there are twins that they don't really get noticed as individuals. We ate up the attention, Sadie totally relished it! And one of those pumpkins has already given up it's ghost as pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin pancakes--I can't wait to make more!!


tracy said...

beautiful layouts for beautiful babies.

Sandy Ang said...

Fab layouts !