14 October 2010

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Last year, I made a mini of my favorite Halloween costumes from years past. It was super fun to look back at those old pics, and I am so glad to have them all together in one place!
David and I went as "Snow Birds" a few years back.
Here we are as Red Riding Hood, and the woodsman. Sukey was the Wolf in Grandma's clothing.
3. Raggedy Anne, and 4. Black cat (with my devilish BFF)
5. Bride of Death (that's me on the left--with a character from Mortal Kombat and Strawberry Shortcake). 6. is reserved for a future favorite costume--I love dressing up!


Cassie said...

Love this idea!!!!
You are too cute!!!

ashjoy said...

Love it Judean!

kim c said...

ooooooo, you know i love it