26 October 2008

Mr. Campy

That's the name of this paper line from Cosmo Cricket I'm totally nuts about. Had so much fun making these layouts (and a few more I can't share yet, hehe) using the goodies sent to me by happy mail partner extraordinaire, Lori:


24 October 2008

Game Tonight!

Head on over to ScrapGal tonight at 10 p.m. (est) for some BINGO madness!! There'll be prizes and good conversation and of course, Mike's Hard Lemonade! If you're new to the site, you'll need to get registered first and that means getting approved by the site owner, so don't forget to set that up ahead of time! Oh, and pick your words at this thread for round one, or this one for round two. Hope to see you there!!

22 October 2008


I am really really excited (and have just had two cups of coffee), and so I can't wait to share that I have been asked to join the awesomely talented crew over at ScrapGal on their design team! Woo-hoo! This means I'll be creating layouts and projects for their newsletters and forums, and hosting games and challenges as well! So come check us out and join in on the fun!! They have an awesome store, idea gallery, chat room, message board, plus really cool, friendly people. Plus it's a small community where your posts don't get ignored or lost at the bottom of the pile--I love that!

21 October 2008

New prompt is up at the Creative Type--

Fill it in with words: pick a shape that you relate to, i.e a house, heart, book, etc. Then fill that shape in with words that relate to that shape. Once again, focus on the typography. Maybe make each word a different font style. Some words can be bold, some words can be skinny, some even script. Have your shape stand alone as its own piece, or add it onto a layout page like a few of our design team girls did. Make it work for you...go PLAY!

In October 2006, construction began on renovating our dream house--what an amazing opportunity to create a home for our growing family...just how we imagined it! Starting from the house where David grew up, we expanded up and out, adding to the kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, and a whole second story where there was none! Our priorities were lots of light, open spaces, and a big kitchen at the heart of the house. We kept a few things the same: big backyard and high spacious ceilings in the living room--those were already perfect. We had no idea what an adventure it would be. So many decisions to make, fixtures to choose, appliances to pick out--some moments were definitely more fun than others. It was amazing to see our dream go from drawings to a hole in the ground to our beautiful house...home sweet home. Every week for 9 months, David met with the builder to make sure everything stayed on track. He gave birth to our house, and I gave birth to Chloe! Now I can't believe we have already been living here over a year--it was a long journey, but totally worth to come...HOME.

20 October 2008

Two Page Spread Overdose

I finally figured out how to scrap the pile of not so great picture from Chloe's first birthday party. I had already done a few pages of some of my favorite pics, like this one:

And this one:

And my favorite of all from that day:

But, what I couldn't figure out was what to do with all the other...put them in an album? Make a mini out of them? I was stumped...until, I saw this challenge at Galblog! Eureka! Two page layouts! I had forgotten all about em!! So here they are, in all their glory--and I managed to cram so many pictures on that I even ended up with a one-pager at the end!

Yeah, they're not my most artistic or well thought-out and planned pages, but it feels great to have them done. Sometimes, it's okay for scrapping to be functional...and I'll be SO glad these pictures are ready for viewing instead of crammed in a box down the road.

18 October 2008

Lucky me...

I sometimes visit this blog called BostonMamas, and I even put their button in the sidebar because I thought it was cute. They post about local resources and tips for families in Boston and on the internet, and sometimes have great giveaways, which I occasionally enter when the whim strikes. Well, I won a prize, and it's a doozy! Check it out:

Chloe's gonna totally love it--I can't believe I won out of 200+ entries!! My favorite parts: #1 No batteries, nothing electronic, and #2 the food is made from fabric instead of plastic!

Let's see, in stash diet news, things have been sort of slow around here, because I have been dragging my feet about completing these 2 atc sets I commited to, I was feeling so un-inspired. But my bud Lori made these cool atcs using a hambly transparency as the base for the card, an idea I totally loved and just had to copy, so I made my second set last night, hooray (pictures below)! Now I am free to do some more layouts...just waiting for some pictures I ordered to arrive, but tomorrow I may just pull out some older ones and a couple of kits I have stashed and scrap away, if I can find the time. That brings me to 21 down, 39 to go.

eta: how badly do I suck at math?? that should say 21 down, 29 to go. OY!

16 October 2008

I rocked it...

Yay for this shout out on the Scrapjacked website :)
This is my atc for the Creative Type design team swap...

I forgot to take pics before I packaged them up (doh), so I'll have to wait till I get them back to show the real deal, but this part is digi, so I thought I'd share it! I had no inspiration for getting these done, but I buckled down yesterday, and banged all 24 of them out. Not too exciting, but they do the trick. I have another set to do for a swap at SiStv that I need to find the mojo for. I guess not getting any of the atcs back from the 3 swaps I have participated in kinda makes me lose my motivaton--I was so excited to see other people's work, but for some reason all of the swaps I have been a part of have either disintergrated into nothingness or just gotten way off schedule...just my luck to try it out for the first time and to sign on with slackers. Not that I'm always on time--but hey, at least I get them in!

08 October 2008

Fun at the park...

I used sketch #70 (turned upside down and rearranged a bit) at Sketch This for this layout:

The pic was this past weekend, D and I took the bear to a nearby playground, she had a blast! More cute pictures from the day:

eta: Stash diet update--this layout and the previous one brings my total up to 18 down, 32 to go

05 October 2008

it feels good to write

I made this Happy Owloween sign using Pink Paislee's awesome Harvest Moon papers and stamps, some Sassafrass and JB too. I love that owl, it's hard to tell in this photo, but I used glossy accents on the eyes to add dimension, as well as on the tree branch.

I showed this to D and he said "Who's house are you going to hang that on?" Let's just say he's not adapted to my crafty obsession as of late all that well, at least not the home decor part. That's okay, even though I think it's really cute, but it isn't so much my style--I don't think I own a single halloween decoration(!), even though it's my favorite holiday. We usually put out pumpkins and mums, and I love to make jack-o-lanterns, dress up, and host halloween parties (best all time party activity: carving multi-colored bell peppers--they came out so awesome and everyone loved it!), but that's about the extent of it. Although I wonder if with kids, I'll find more excuses for cheesy fun decorations!
Next is a layout I made for scrapjacked, a challenge blog. The liftee this time around was none other than the fabu Mrs. Chez herself, so of course I was super excited to take inspiration from her awesomeness.

Jen is brilliant at creating clever titles, so that is actually what I spent the longest on...yeah, I know it's pretty revealing that I think "doggie style" is a funny title! I found these pictures on an old disc, David had Sukey and the cats arranged in the back yard like they were playing cards and drinking whiskey--if you look closely, you can see she is wearing adidas shower shoes and sunglasses! And the other pic is her delicate way of taking a treat from my hand--for such a big dog, she was sooo dainty when it came to eating, pretty hilarious. Hence the full title, "Now that's some doggie style," as in doggie class...I know, if I hafta explain it, it's probably not that good! Chez used some random non-scrapbooking stuff on her layout (it was actually for the first project catwalk challenge) and so I tried to echo that with the bubble print wrap and baby-bel mesh bag. Funny (again to me) because she HATED bubble wrap, like with a passion she was terrified of it, and LOVED cheese.
Is it obvious that this was a cathartic layout for me to make? And I miss my Sukeydook veryvery much? But it was good to look at lots of old pictures of her and laugh and remember her quirks. She was a good dog.

(16 down/34 togo)

02 October 2008

stuffs not layouts

so, continuing on this stash diet...it's kind of liberating not buying things, using up what I have. Even though I have only been doing this for a short time, man I have accumulated a LOT of shizzit!

Here are some cards:

The next thing is a cigar box I altered. This was fun to make--gotta love that houndstooth gaffer tape!

14 done/36 to go!