31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Anne
Peter and Sadie enjoyed their first Halloween. I don't think they even noticed their costumes all that much. Except for the wigs that I made them wear, but a tasty apple provided just enough distraction that I could snap their pictures before they pulled em off!
I love how a simple thing like an apple makes them so happy. It's baby candy.
Getting good pictures together are much harder...this is the only one where they are both at least looking in the direction of the camera, and not falling off the couch. Not that I'd let them fall off the couch. For a picture.
Chloe was definitely on the fence about the whole Trick or Treating ritual. She went back and forth throughout the past week on whether or not she wanted to go to neighbors houses and ask for candy...but in the end, candy won out!
Our first stop was Pop and Yaya's, and once she got a taste of that first Hershey's bar, she couldn't get to the houses soon enough.
I was thinking we'd exchange her bag o candy at a local toy store that collect Halloween candy for troops overseas, but now I am thinking she won't want to part with any of it.
Hope your Halloween was fun!

28 October 2010

SEL Monster Puppets

I had the chance to play around with SEI's adorable My-Own-Monster die-cuts, and of course Chloe wanted to get in on the action!
Using a recycled cereal box, glue stick, disposable chopsticks (knew I'd been saving those from our countless Sushi take-out orders for something!!) and packing tape, we made little puppets.
So easy, even a 3 year-old can do it!
She had a blast designing her own monsters, picking out facial features and accessories. I used the packing tape over the whole thing to make it a little more sturdy, since Chloe's got a pretty lively imagination and these guys would probably be seeing some action!
Pretty cute, right?!?
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More Pumpkins...

I had the idea to heat emboss on pumpkins, but it turned out terrible--think dripping embossing powder and weird swellings on the pumpkins--not pretty (But I did get a smell reminiscent of pumpkin pie, which was kinda nice)!
So I opted to try a little bling and some rub-ons--much more successful! It was admittedly a little challenging getting the rub-ons to adhere to the pumpkin, and I have heard that cleaning the pumpkin to remove any residue or wax helps the process (of course after I did mine, but good to remember for this year).

27 October 2010

Spooky Candelabra

I rescued this old candlestick holder from the trash, figuring I could breathe new life into it using some scrappy supplies. A few tulle tutus, some Halloweeny Primas, and Maya Road trinket gems, and we have this:

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26 October 2010

11 & a half months!

Yup, I can't believe it either...Only 2 more weeks until their FIRST birthday!! I gotta get cracking on those party invites :)
These 2 are keeping me busy, now that they're both on the move constantly! Luckily, they love going for walks, so even though it's colder out now, we still can bundle up and get out. Other favorites: taking baths, finger food, Daddy, exploring new places, Mooshi the cat, and the all-time-fave: their big sis. We can hear them talking to one another from their cribs in the morning, it's great that they keep each other entertained! They both say "uh-oh" and love to watch things drop from their cribs or high chairs.
Sadie has gone from staying on her bottom and playing contentedly to moving from sitting to crawling and back again, and up to standing and down again. Those transitions all took awhile, but she is more confident everyday! She is exuberant in the bath, splashing water almost non-stop, and is very interested in trying out new foods, especially whatever Mommy is eating. She is also remarkably laid-back; Peter will take toys from her almost every time, and she is not phased in the least...I wonder how long that will last?

This guy is still a snuggle bug--I have never met a baby quite as affectionate! Peter will burrow in for a hug and pat me on the shoulder repeatedly. Two over-sized stuffed bears are also favorites for snuggling with. He loves looking at books and studying new toys, and is always very interested in whatever either of his sisters is currently playing with. He knows the baby-sign for "more" and uses it frequently during meal time. Still a little shy around new people, he will smile and talk up a storm when comfortable.
"Check out my cool kicks..."

25 October 2010

Sneak Peek

...of Chloe's Halloween costume!
Yeah, she wouldn't stop long enough for me to take a pic, so this is the best I could do.
I think she's a pretty darn cute ladybug.
Think she's excited?!?

21 October 2010

Fall Wreath

I wanted something autumn-y for the front door, and had a plain twig wreath stashed away for a rainy day.
I added a few fall-colored primas, some dried flowers and seed pods, and a gold-beaded spray.
Oh, and ribbon to hang it all from.
Glue guns make life so much easier.

handmade projects

14 October 2010

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Last year, I made a mini of my favorite Halloween costumes from years past. It was super fun to look back at those old pics, and I am so glad to have them all together in one place!
David and I went as "Snow Birds" a few years back.
Here we are as Red Riding Hood, and the woodsman. Sukey was the Wolf in Grandma's clothing.
3. Raggedy Anne, and 4. Black cat (with my devilish BFF)
5. Bride of Death (that's me on the left--with a character from Mortal Kombat and Strawberry Shortcake). 6. is reserved for a future favorite costume--I love dressing up!

12 October 2010

In-between moments

Those are the moments I have to get crafty...It's a little frustrating, but I'm doing the best I can! So I have everything I'm using at the moment piled on the sideboard in our dining-room, and I stick things down as I walk by...Here's what I have been working on recently:
Pics from this past summer in NH--they capture Peter's spirit so perfectly, he such a happy guy!
And these are a couple I snapped with my phone, after a Sadie/Mommy grocery store run. Can I just say, I loved pretending like I had only one baby...it was liberating! And Sadie got so much attention--when I'm out with 2 or all 3, people are so focused on the fact that there are twins that they don't really get noticed as individuals. We ate up the attention, Sadie totally relished it! And one of those pumpkins has already given up it's ghost as pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin pancakes--I can't wait to make more!!

07 October 2010

Paper Pumpkins

These super cute paper pumpkins are a cinch to whip up:
1. Punch about 12 circles from your patterned paper.
2. Fold your circles in half, making sure that the side that you ultimately want to show is folded in.
3. Coat one side of your folded circle with glue, then put another folded circle on top.
4. Repeat with remaining circles, until you have a stack of semi circles. Glue the last half circle to the first half circle so that you have your pumpkin shape. Tip: cut off about 1/4 of an inch from the bottom of your semi-circle if you want your pumpkin to stand.
5. I used a cocktail stick and pipe cleaner for the stem, and used stickles along the edges of one of the pumpkins for a finishing touch.

Oh, and only 24 more days to go!!

04 October 2010

Because Babies are Cute

Here are some videos for you to enjoy:

Sadie in the Jumparoo--she can't get enough of that thing!!

In the grass

01 October 2010

Card Day

Well, it's card-making day! So I figured I would buckle down and make a few for this great organization that sends cards to our troops.

I got to use some of the awesome stickers from EAD designs--aren't the monsters and owls the cutest? Thanks for stopping by...

We're doing a Card Congo line at the GalBlog--join us by submitting your link below (there are prizes)!