31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Anne
Peter and Sadie enjoyed their first Halloween. I don't think they even noticed their costumes all that much. Except for the wigs that I made them wear, but a tasty apple provided just enough distraction that I could snap their pictures before they pulled em off!
I love how a simple thing like an apple makes them so happy. It's baby candy.
Getting good pictures together are much harder...this is the only one where they are both at least looking in the direction of the camera, and not falling off the couch. Not that I'd let them fall off the couch. For a picture.
Chloe was definitely on the fence about the whole Trick or Treating ritual. She went back and forth throughout the past week on whether or not she wanted to go to neighbors houses and ask for candy...but in the end, candy won out!
Our first stop was Pop and Yaya's, and once she got a taste of that first Hershey's bar, she couldn't get to the houses soon enough.
I was thinking we'd exchange her bag o candy at a local toy store that collect Halloween candy for troops overseas, but now I am thinking she won't want to part with any of it.
Hope your Halloween was fun!


mrschez said...

omg how cute are they!!!

Krystina said...

O.M.G. I am so in love. Absolutely precious!

Margaret said...

Gorgeous! Love the cute costumes, your children all look adorable. What a lovely blog you have too!