27 March 2010


Me: Look, Baby Peter found his feet!
Chloe: Where'd they go?

Me: Daddy's car is gone, I guess Jeff didn't pick him up.
Chloe: No, Mama--Daddy's TOO big!

18 March 2010

4 months!!

Well, it almost sneaked by, but I remembered to take some new pics to commemorate Four Months! Here is Peter being thoughtful in the bumbo seat--he's just barely able to control his head enough to make sitting up possible.

He has the best smile--and in general he's a happy guy. Unless he's hungry or tired, he really doesn't complain. Which is nice, because his sister(s) are pretty vocal. Sadie had quite the set of lungs and Chloe...well, she's two. Nuff said.
Aren't they cute in their blue jeans?!? (thanks, Kath) I don't know if I'll even get them both smiling, but I'll sure keep trying...
Sadie is our little drama queen. She's either screaming in agony, or beaming ecstatically. They are both starting to vocalize more; Peter has discovered his squeal, Sadie still mostly coos and goos. Starting to grab for things too, and sucking on their fingers--all signs that they are moving out of infant-ville and onto babyhood...yay!!

We took out the mega-stroller for the first time a few weeks ago. It's awesome being able to get all three on board...
I put the baby bath in the big tub, and all 3 were able to bathe together (just 2 at a time though--and I had my mom here to help, otherwise it would've been slippery baby chaos). Sadie LOVED being in the water with her big sis:
Peter, not so much!
Then Chloe wanted to relive her youth by trying out the baby tub again :)

15 March 2010

Just to get it down...

The other day, in the car:
Chloe: Why aren't there any lines?
Me: Any lines where? Whaddya mean, lines?
Chloe: Why aren't there any lines, mama?
Me: I don't know what lines you mean, Chloe.
Chloe: Yes you do: LINES!
Me: No, I don't know what lines...what lines where?
Chloe: Lines behind the cars?
Me: There aren't any lines behind the cars...? Why are you looking for lines behind the cars?
Chloe: The cars are going fast...why can't we see the lines?

She was looking for the lines that illustrators use to show motion in a picture...having recently found out that the lines behind a car represent going fast, she wondered why she couldn't see them behind the cars we were passing on the road!