28 October 2010

SEL Monster Puppets

I had the chance to play around with SEI's adorable My-Own-Monster die-cuts, and of course Chloe wanted to get in on the action!
Using a recycled cereal box, glue stick, disposable chopsticks (knew I'd been saving those from our countless Sushi take-out orders for something!!) and packing tape, we made little puppets.
So easy, even a 3 year-old can do it!
She had a blast designing her own monsters, picking out facial features and accessories. I used the packing tape over the whole thing to make it a little more sturdy, since Chloe's got a pretty lively imagination and these guys would probably be seeing some action!
Pretty cute, right?!?
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kim c said...

i spy a future scrapbooker in the making. such a great idea.

sei art studio said...

So much fun! We love it. Thank you for linking.

Skinner Family said...

Love the idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Lane said...

Such a FUN project and they are soo cute!

mrschez said...