20 February 2009

Mini Accordion Album Tutorial

Here's a unique little accordion album that you can whip up pretty quickly, and makes a cute gift or memento.

  • Double sided patterned paper: 3 6x6 squares for the inner part of the book, 1 8x8 square for the cover
  • wet adhesive (I love my Zip Dry, I think I go through a bottle a week!)
  • hole punch/cropadile
  • small photos: up to 8 about 2.75 inches square
  • scraps of coordinating pp, buttons, ribbon, other embellishments as desired
1. Fold one of your 6x6 squares in half diagonally. Unfold, and flip the paper over so that the fold is pointing up (like a mountain).

2. Fold again so that the bottom 2 corners meet the upper two corners and you have made a horizontal rectangle.

3. Turn the rectangle one-quarter of a turn so that it is now vertical, open, repeat step two, and then open again. It should look like the picture, with two diamonds and four triangles. Make sure your folds are going the right way--your diagonal fold should be a mountain fold (like a peak), and the other two should be valley folds.

4. Now's where it gets a little tricky. Hold the triangle pairs in both hands and bring them together until they touch. Hold all four triangles in one hand and use your other hand to collapse the "basket," folding the triangles inside the diamonds.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other 2 pieces of 6x6 paper. Notice that I flipped over the pattern on one of them, this will be important when you glue them together.

6. Lay out your folded squares like I have them pictured above; on the first one the folded triangles are facing away, on the second they are facing towards, and on the last they are facing away. Now cover the entire top square of the first with glue, and place the second on top, making sure they line up. Do the same to glue the second and third together. The picture shows what they look like once they're all glued together.

7. To make the cover, fold your 8x8 piece of paper in the same manner, then fold down one of the diamonds to make a flap. Punch holes on the side corners, and tie together using buttons and ribbon, them punch a hole in the top to make hanging loop.

8. Now comes the fun part--add photos and embellish away! I only used 7 pictures for mine, but you could fit lots of little index prints in these, as well as some journaling and tiny embellies. Be sure to link up your projects to this thread for your chance to win the 7 gypsies atc carousel--you have until Midnight Sunday!

Getting Scrappy

We're cropping at ScrapGal.com tonight and Saturday, and I am posting a tutorial on how to make a cute mini-accordion album. Because I am an impulse buyer, and I hate to pass up a good deal when I see one, even if it's something I have no place for, I am giving away this 7 gypsies carousel to one random person who participates in my challenge....as someone I heart says WOO to the HOO!!

Seriously, if you haven't been over to Scrapgal, get yer butt on over--it's chock full of friendly girlies, there are LOTS of prizes to be had, and there are plenty of challenges planned to get your creativity flowing. The store is getting new goodies everyday, and so I guarantee if you win a gc, you'll be able to find something awesome to spend it on!

Tomorrow we're playing bingo at 9pm, if you want to play you have to get registered on the site and pm your words to me ahead of time (you can find details here on this thread). There'll be a winner for the game itself, and you get your name put into the drawing for Saturday's prize just for playing!

Create '09--Week 8

This week's prompt is up!
We had a busy weekend last week, with these little visitors. Chloe enjoyed hanging out with the BABIES, as she called them, but she wasn't too sure how she felt about sharing her stuff. These pictures will make me happy every time I look at them--such cutey-patooties!

17 February 2009

Fun Stuffs This Weekend...

Awful lot of fun stuff going on at Scrap Gal this weekend...We're having a Crop Friday and Saturday--challenges galore, prizes to be won, and the DT is giving away some awesome RAKS! I have this to give away to some one who completes my challenge--ooh la la! And don't forget Bingo Saturday at 9pm--you could win a $20 gift certificate to ScrapGal!

Here's a sneek peek at my project challenge that's happening Friday at 9pm:

Also, there's still time to participate in the METAMORPHOSIS challenge Lori and I are hosting--you have until the 28th to complete and upload all of the steps to the challenge and win!

11 February 2009

catching up

Seems like I can hardly scrap as of late without doing a lift...this one is from a ScrapGal CHA-challenge:
I love this picture of Chloe and David's dad, taken the day after Thanksgiving up in NH. I made this in commemoration of Pop's b-day. I loved using up those epoxy buttons--during the last round of happy mail I accumulated quite a few!

The next two pages are from February's ScrapGal newsletter. I love all the Amy Butler papers on this first one:
I think this is my favorite picture of Chloe that I have taken to date...I have alread made several pages with pictures from this day, but they all came out so cute, I couldn't resist just one more!This makes me smile...making christmas cookies with Chloe:The next 2 are not big favorites of mine--I think I was burnt out on Christmas pages at this point, and not loving any of the pictures I had to work with. I wanted to record the 'events' for Chloe's scrapbook, though, so here they are:
This one needs some more pics of the litle house Kitty made, I just have to take them!ugh...I am so over those green thickers!

Moving right along...Some Valentine-y goodies:
The cute little bird and heart is pieced together a la MandyKay's tutorial at the Galblog.Did I post this already? Lol, I can't keep up!
And last but not least, this is a lift of a lift (actually, my take on Lori's take on Tracy's take on MK's take on Kelly's take on Kristi's take on *MY* layout!). It's called a "round robin," and there's still time to hop on board!
I made this layout using my first kit I have purchased in quite a while. After the Poppy Ink close-out sale, I wound up with like 5 kits, and swore I wouldn't get anymore until I had used those mostly up. I have been coveting the kits over at Sweet Twee Lab for a while now, and splurged on not one but TWO last week! They came the other day, and all I can say is YUM!!

09 February 2009

Creative Type Prompt #11: Frame it in

New prompt is up over at the Creative Type--I could use this technique over and over again!
The little button came from my bud Mandy Starner, I love it so much and was totally amused to use it on this layout!

Come and play--you have until Sunday, February 23rd, 2 pm Eastern time!

06 February 2009

Create '09--Week 6

For this week, create a page or atc about what you were doing 1 year ago. Look back in your photo folders (mine were organized by date, making this super easy), your journal, or calender at February 2008. Where were you? How does life now compare to then?

I like to think of February as being the half-way point for Winter...and what an intense one is has been so far! It's usually this time of year that I start to get tired of the cold and snow and messy driving; up until this point I still get a thrill when I see the flakes falling. But come February, I start itching for warmer weather, flip flops and open windows. Thankfully, as a teacher, I get a break in February, and I often head down to Florida for what I like to call my 'golden girls' vaca. Last year was the first year I took my family with me, and that is what this page is about.