20 February 2009

Getting Scrappy

We're cropping at ScrapGal.com tonight and Saturday, and I am posting a tutorial on how to make a cute mini-accordion album. Because I am an impulse buyer, and I hate to pass up a good deal when I see one, even if it's something I have no place for, I am giving away this 7 gypsies carousel to one random person who participates in my challenge....as someone I heart says WOO to the HOO!!

Seriously, if you haven't been over to Scrapgal, get yer butt on over--it's chock full of friendly girlies, there are LOTS of prizes to be had, and there are plenty of challenges planned to get your creativity flowing. The store is getting new goodies everyday, and so I guarantee if you win a gc, you'll be able to find something awesome to spend it on!

Tomorrow we're playing bingo at 9pm, if you want to play you have to get registered on the site and pm your words to me ahead of time (you can find details here on this thread). There'll be a winner for the game itself, and you get your name put into the drawing for Saturday's prize just for playing!

1 comment:

Cassie said...

woo to the hoo, indeed!
I will totally be there!!
I am so excited!! I am a crop virgin...this is my first one!!