06 February 2009

Create '09--Week 6

For this week, create a page or atc about what you were doing 1 year ago. Look back in your photo folders (mine were organized by date, making this super easy), your journal, or calender at February 2008. Where were you? How does life now compare to then?

I like to think of February as being the half-way point for Winter...and what an intense one is has been so far! It's usually this time of year that I start to get tired of the cold and snow and messy driving; up until this point I still get a thrill when I see the flakes falling. But come February, I start itching for warmer weather, flip flops and open windows. Thankfully, as a teacher, I get a break in February, and I often head down to Florida for what I like to call my 'golden girls' vaca. Last year was the first year I took my family with me, and that is what this page is about.


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Leah said...

February has got to be further along that the half-way point right? Ack! Well, I guess if you consider the winter solstice as officially winter. I just think of it as when it starts getting cold. Is it spring yet?

Love, love, love the layout!