31 January 2011

Door Heart

It feels like we're basically encased in this:
Everyone is getting a little stir crazy, even Mooshi the cat:
So, happily, I have gotten crafty! I'm not normally a big Valentine's fan, but after seeing Chloe get so excited about the Christmas decorations, I figured a little V-day cheer couldn't hurt... 
 I made this out of cardboard, felt, glitter, lace and more SEI paper. And the glue gun, of course.
I think it will look great hanging on our front door--maybe even warm things up a bit!
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26 January 2011

Week 4

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As weeks go, this one has kicked my ass. Full blown stomach bug for me and D. and all 3 kiddos. Thankfully we had lots of help, and the illnesses were spread out enough so that it was never all 5 of us at the same time. D and I still haven't fully recovered--I don't know if it's from the shock of it all (Little kids and throwing up. It is. That. Bad.), or if it's from some lingering germ waiting to hook it's vicious little claws deeper into our rocked immune systems. Blech.

So, needless to say, nothing crafty, although I have been having fun figuring our some more ins-and-outs of PSE while I work on a Baby Shower Invitation for my nearest-and-dearest. And plotting and planning for that soiree has taken up a bit of my head space (what little there is) as well.

This week's self portrait: Hipstamatic iphone app again, me and Sadie looking woefully bedraggled and wan.

She's just darling, isn't she? And because I can't just post one, here's my second fave from our 'photo-shoot' (ha):

Fuzzier than the first, I know....It's hard holding a baby and your phone while pointing it your own faces and groping for the picture button on the screen. You try it.

18 January 2011

I got inspired...

...by some paper a friend sent to me, and made this for my niece:
A banner for her room, using chipboard butterflies and the seemingly-everywhere accordion flowers. 
 Even if they are everywhere, I love them anyways, especially when doily-lace-edged (yay for new punches) and layered with ruffled crepe paper!
Isn't the patterned paper pretty? I'm not usually a big V-day product fan, but this line from SEI, called "With All My Heart" is really pretty, with a great color combo (pink+orange=love)
 Anyways, my niece just turned five, she's totally into princesses and faeries, I tried to go all girlie and flowery for her (not my usual style) I hope she likes it!!
I'm linking this up at Paper Issues--check out all the awesome inspo over there, good stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

Week 3

Yeah, my hand looks weird hanging out there holding my camera...Looks like I have a ways to go perfecting the art of the mirror shot! Chloe and I are on our way outside...the day after the blizzard, and out house looks like this:

Luckily for me, I have a little snow bunny on my hands, and Chloe can't get enough time outside!

11 January 2011

Week 2

A couple things... I realized if I just use my cell phone, I can't use my timer. And I don't comb my hair / put on makeup enough in a given week to be taking face shots, lol! So this week's pic is me, in my pretty much daily uniform of jeans, hoodie, and fuzzy socks. What you can't see, obviously, is my uncombed hair and baggy eyes, you're welcome. I used a couple of actions in PSE to spice things up, I wish I knew more about adding textures, because i think that's be cool here. Here's the shot before I picked up all the toys--a bit more true to life, but I like the above one better for some reason.
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06 January 2011

52 Weeks Project

In 2009 I tried making a weekly scrapbook page, and that did alright, but I fizzled out around October. This past year I knew I'd be lucky to have any monthly crafting time, much less weekly, so I didn't even try. So for 2011, when I saw 52 Week Project, I thought I'd give it a go. Then, when I read about Chez-burger's idea of taking the weekly pics using her cell phone, I realized I had a way to make it even easier on myself!

So, without further ado, my first self-pic for 2011:
I used the Hipstamtic app on my i-phone. Thought I'd do a fresh-clean-pic right outta the shower, for a fresh clean start to the new year :)

And here's a bonus pic, because I though it was fun with the mirrors:
One week down, 51 to go!

03 January 2011

Hearts A-Plenty

I made this cute garland to decorate for Valentine's day using patterned papers from Theresa Collins, my heart punch, and sewing machine. This tutorial at maya*made explains how to sew paper snowflakes together, it was simple to adapt for the hearts.