24 February 2011

Week 8

We had a fab long weekend here at Casa Loca--even managed to sneak in a one-night getaway for me and D.--courtesy of BOTH sets of g-parents babysitting the littles! This was a BIG deal because it's the first night we've had away since well before I had the twins--and so it was also the first night away the babies had from both of us. We all survived, even better, we THRIVED with being able to have some time off from being parents, and the chance to sleep in, and have (multiple) conversations that weren't cut short/interrupted/sidetracked by needy kids.

This weeks self-portrait is D and I on the beach where we stayed overnight. We're dressed crazy because it was FREEZING, so I played with the colors in the photo a bit to give it a 70's feel since our clashing plaids just look insane.
A few more shots from the same 'shoot:'

I had more fun with Instagram on my iphone on the same trip...

Thanks for stopping by!

19 February 2011

Technical Difficulties...

Here are the rest of the layouts I meant to put in my last post. If blogger wasn't being such a &^%$#!
 Equal opportunity for each twin, you know...2 for Peter and 2 for Sadie!


I have gotten a few more pages completed. I am also chugging through some older kits that I have been hanging onto. I feel so overwhelmed by all the supplies sometimes, and now with all the new goodies being released, I am super-feeling the urge to use stuff up! I am not a hoarder, but I'm a little disorganized and so I don't always know what I have. Plus it's not stored in an easily accessible way (my crafty room is currently also a baby-napping room twice a day), so if I want to work during nap time I gotta grab stuff and bring it to another part of the house. Not always easy when there are 3 little ones underfoot. And a hubby who likes to be able to see the top of our dining room table...

These two I made using a kit full of boyish papers I bought before Peter was even born. I was excited to have a reason to buy something other than girlie-pink and flowers!
I used the most recent sketch from the Sketchabilities blog to do this layout--I love using sketches to jumpstart my creativity when I haven't done much scrapping in a while!
The 'Happy Guy' page above I created using sketch #65 from Inspired Blueprints--a great, new-to-me site that has fabulous sketches and examples (and awesome guest designers...)!

14 February 2011

Week 7--Happy V-day

Happy Valentines Day!
I saw this idea for using a paper towel tube to shoot through this morning, and thought I'd give it a try! Love how the heart shape frames the pic, here's a few more:

And I couldn't resist sharing these:

Hope your day is all kinds of sweet!

11 February 2011

Week 6

I was feeling a bit guilty, because I had pics with my girls already, but none with Peter. So although this isn't a favorite, (and I'm finding they rarely are) it will do for week 6. Another iphone hipstamatic. Love how the gritty filter looks with the chain-link fence behind us.

He's such a funny kid...it's hard to tell which of his characteristics are actual personality traits and which are gender-specific. You can't see it in this pic, but he had at least 3 bruises on his face from crawling/falling into things. He is pretty fearless physically; more than once I have found him perched on something or trying to climb up something not the least bit stable. But when it comes to interpersonal stuff, he's a little softy. Loves hugs and will snuggle right in with me or D. or any of his grandparents. However, when it comes to strangers, he is totally leery. Typical for this age (almost 15 months!), I know, but his twin is the exact opposite. Really timid in her motor stuff, but super confident when it comes to people...it will be interesting to see how they evolve!

I have a few more iphone pics...almost none of which have me in them, because really, that's what I prefer. And why the challenge at 52 week Project is just that for me: A Challenge.
LOVE these of Chloe and her cupcake :)
D. at the bar...this cracks me up!
 A few more shots from the indoor playspace. I brought the twins there ALL BY MYSELF on Monday. It was a challenge. Especially when I had to go to the ladies' room. But we survived, and had fun!

Yay me. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

P.S. A friend introduced me to Instagram. So fun! I'm there under my first name...and looking for friends to follow!

06 February 2011

Will wonders never cease...

I made 2 scrapbook pages! So excited, it's been a little while and I was starting to feel overwhelmed with all the pics and supplies. So I just dove in, brought a few (select) materials out to the dining room table, and started sticking stuff down. I recently organized all the pics I have printed, sorting them by season and pulling out the ones that I want to scrap, so this makes it a little easier to find what I'm looking for or just to pull out a photo and go. I put the "scrap-worthy" pics into an accordion file sorted by person/event. I think it's going to be so much better than rifling through a mountain of prints, or hundreds of shots on my computer. Yay!
Kinda wish I hadn't used black thread on this one, but oh well. I had some scraps of this SEI Dill Blossom paper that I love (I'm pretty sure it's the big flowered pattern started my very first love affair with paper), and thought the colors went pretty well with this pic of Chloe from last fall.
More pics of Chloe from last fall (can you tell which section of the accordion file I opened to?), and Jenni Bowlin papers and embellishments.

And I finished the baby shower invites, LOVE how these turned out! (Names/addresses have been blurred to protect the innocent:)
Next I'll start making tags and paper decorations for the party--weeeee!

02 February 2011

Valentiney Paint Can

I had this empty paint can sitting around, and all this BG valentiney paper, so I decided to make a place for love notes. A little cheesy, I know, but I thought it could be a fun tradition to start with Chloe, Peter, and Sadie to make the holiday a little more meaningful. 
I figured we'd collect nice things over the month, then read the out loud on Valentine's Day. Share the love... Do you have any V-day traditions with your families?
And if you guessed bunting on my last post, you were right! It's for a friend, but I love it so much I just may have to make myself one as well!
 I used the directions on Make It Do, and it came out great, don't you think?!?

01 February 2011

Week 5

Another timer shot with my point and shoot...I tried a couple full-length shots, but just wasn't feeling them!

I have been sewing up a storm--here's a sneak peek:

 Can you guess what I am making?