22 April 2010


Well,it has been a little while since I have shared pics...these two are now FIVE months old!!
And getting cuter by the minute, doncha think?
I put them both on their tummies like this and they both started totally cracking up at each other. It was the cutest thing!

Peter has started rolling over--he's just getting past the phase where he's doing it constantly, even when we put him down in his crib. He'll be crawling soon, I am afraid!

Sadie is the raspberry queen right now. She's so bright-eyed and curious, it just makes my heart melt to see pics of her like this:

And this monkey will be 3 in just under 2 months!!She's wearing her new swim cap, very excited...she kept jumping up and down and slapping her head. Oh the simple pleasures...

16 April 2010

Blog Hop!

Welcome to the ScrapGal Blog Hop!
There are 10 total letters you will need to collect.
They will spell a two word phrase. Once you have collected all 10, head over to ScrapGal and reveal your words in the forum thread. You will be entered into a drawing for some fabulous American Crafts prizes!!

Let’s get started!!
Leave a comment on this post for an additional entry into the drawings.
If you visit all 10, you will earn another. If you play Bingo Friday night on April 23, you will receive an additional 10 entries.

And leave a message here
for a chance to win a fun RAK from me as well!

Your next stop on the blog hop is to Something from Cassie.
If you just found us, make sure you go back to Kim’s post and get her letter.
The deadline for entries is Monday, April 19 at midnight.

14 April 2010

New Home for The Creative Type!

Check us out HERE!

The latest prompt is up, and here's the page I made:
It's all about using quotations...I can't make up my mind about this quote...is it totally empowering, or anti-feminist? What about all the women that exercise their right to NOT be a mother? Well, I thought it suited the photo pretty well--and I highly doubt my scrapbook page will spark any philosophical debate!