21 October 2008

New prompt is up at the Creative Type--

Fill it in with words: pick a shape that you relate to, i.e a house, heart, book, etc. Then fill that shape in with words that relate to that shape. Once again, focus on the typography. Maybe make each word a different font style. Some words can be bold, some words can be skinny, some even script. Have your shape stand alone as its own piece, or add it onto a layout page like a few of our design team girls did. Make it work for you...go PLAY!

In October 2006, construction began on renovating our dream house--what an amazing opportunity to create a home for our growing family...just how we imagined it! Starting from the house where David grew up, we expanded up and out, adding to the kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, and a whole second story where there was none! Our priorities were lots of light, open spaces, and a big kitchen at the heart of the house. We kept a few things the same: big backyard and high spacious ceilings in the living room--those were already perfect. We had no idea what an adventure it would be. So many decisions to make, fixtures to choose, appliances to pick out--some moments were definitely more fun than others. It was amazing to see our dream go from drawings to a hole in the ground to our beautiful house...home sweet home. Every week for 9 months, David met with the builder to make sure everything stayed on track. He gave birth to our house, and I gave birth to Chloe! Now I can't believe we have already been living here over a year--it was a long journey, but totally worth to come...HOME.

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lauren said...

love this, love this, love this layout... i may use this idea to do a layout about my own home!