05 October 2008

it feels good to write

I made this Happy Owloween sign using Pink Paislee's awesome Harvest Moon papers and stamps, some Sassafrass and JB too. I love that owl, it's hard to tell in this photo, but I used glossy accents on the eyes to add dimension, as well as on the tree branch.

I showed this to D and he said "Who's house are you going to hang that on?" Let's just say he's not adapted to my crafty obsession as of late all that well, at least not the home decor part. That's okay, even though I think it's really cute, but it isn't so much my style--I don't think I own a single halloween decoration(!), even though it's my favorite holiday. We usually put out pumpkins and mums, and I love to make jack-o-lanterns, dress up, and host halloween parties (best all time party activity: carving multi-colored bell peppers--they came out so awesome and everyone loved it!), but that's about the extent of it. Although I wonder if with kids, I'll find more excuses for cheesy fun decorations!
Next is a layout I made for scrapjacked, a challenge blog. The liftee this time around was none other than the fabu Mrs. Chez herself, so of course I was super excited to take inspiration from her awesomeness.

Jen is brilliant at creating clever titles, so that is actually what I spent the longest on...yeah, I know it's pretty revealing that I think "doggie style" is a funny title! I found these pictures on an old disc, David had Sukey and the cats arranged in the back yard like they were playing cards and drinking whiskey--if you look closely, you can see she is wearing adidas shower shoes and sunglasses! And the other pic is her delicate way of taking a treat from my hand--for such a big dog, she was sooo dainty when it came to eating, pretty hilarious. Hence the full title, "Now that's some doggie style," as in doggie class...I know, if I hafta explain it, it's probably not that good! Chez used some random non-scrapbooking stuff on her layout (it was actually for the first project catwalk challenge) and so I tried to echo that with the bubble print wrap and baby-bel mesh bag. Funny (again to me) because she HATED bubble wrap, like with a passion she was terrified of it, and LOVED cheese.
Is it obvious that this was a cathartic layout for me to make? And I miss my Sukeydook veryvery much? But it was good to look at lots of old pictures of her and laugh and remember her quirks. She was a good dog.

(16 down/34 togo)


Cassie said...

I love the Owloween!
LOVE it!!
Thanks for the add to your blogroll! You know I {heart} you!! My husband and I, and our best friend opened up a leather shop. It is ForBikersByBikers.com. We just started adding to that website. Our Grand Opening is this weekend and I am running around like a nut. I want to be home chatting with you girls!

Sandy said...

awwww....it does sound like making that was really cathartic for you...i feel for ya. i would miss my simba soooooo much. when my water broke (2 months early..ugh) and i was in the hospital on bedrest i remember thinking that i would do ANYTHING in the world to have my simba there with me. they're the best. do you think you'll get another one? she's so cute - german shepherd?

Lori W said...

love it...love it all! so glad you got to give a shout out to the suke-ster!
and the pics of the whiskey drinkin madness are hilarious!

Kristina said...

I love both projects...and you rocked that scrapjack. :):)
I'm sure it's hard for you to be without sukey, but you are doing an amazing job scrapping about her. :)

The Creative Type said...

Love that Owloween sign!! Cute cute:)

Leah said...

I loved the Owl sign!!

And the doogie style layout looks awesome. Sukey was a great dog. It does sound like it was cathartic to create the layout and definitely a fun way to remember her. Love the poker playing pets pic too.