02 October 2008

stuffs not layouts

so, continuing on this stash diet...it's kind of liberating not buying things, using up what I have. Even though I have only been doing this for a short time, man I have accumulated a LOT of shizzit!

Here are some cards:

The next thing is a cigar box I altered. This was fun to make--gotta love that houndstooth gaffer tape!

14 done/36 to go!


shaina said...

i am IN LOVE with that box! way to go on your "stash diet" you rock. :D

Lori W said...

you are rocking it! love the cards and really love the cigar box!

Kristina said...

super cute!! i totally need to start using up my crap.

milkcan said...

Yay for you and your stash diet! I'm trying my best, but it's wicked hard!