29 September 2008

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Look closely at this picture, notice anything funny?

Yep, that's scotch tape holding the bear's hair out of her eyes, put there by MIL, who watches her on Tuesdays, for a lack of anything better to use! "It's removeable" she kept telling me...I'm just glad it wasn't duct tape!! I gotta say, I admire the ingenuity, and it's got me thinking, there's got to be an invention in there somehow...Whaddya think, add a few decorations, and scotch tape barrettswill be the next big thing for babies?! Or maybe post-its for your hair...stylish and practical at the same time, lol
...SO, I had seen these cute ribbon barretts at some baby boutique, and after I got over my initial sticker shock, I realized they were totally make-at-home-able. I totally forgot, until I saw this post at fellow typist blog, Hey Jen Renee. To make a short story long, I made these this weekend after a quick trip to CVS for the clips and a rummage through my ribbon box; I love how they came out!

I gotta add, they look MUCH cuter on Chloebear than they do on D, but isn't his braid just the best for displaying them all together? Hehe...

This picture gets me every time I look at it, that sweet sleeping baby, I loved when she would sleep on me like this. I have been waiting for just the right inspiration to make a layout with it--what better than some lovely Sassafrass papers? I included a few goodies from some happy mail raks, and a cool digital label freebie. (stash diet: 12/50)


Cassie said...

I love your LO. That is a great photo. I still don't know what you look like though. Every pic looks different. :) I think my mom used to use velcro on my head (seriously) for barrettes, to keep my hair down. That generation did a lot of things that I would never do!

McMGrad89 said...

Sweet picture on the LO.
Yes, Cassie, they do make baby bows held on with little strips of velcro. It wasn't your imagination.

I was surprised to see how long D's hair is.

Lori W said...

love. just love. all of it. my mom used to use a clothespin or chip clip to hold her hair back. that makes me giggle. hugs.


Great idea!!

Thanks for stopping by...I just love new company and
Loving all your layouts and crafts too!!!