07 September 2008

Love those bulleted lists

It's tough keeping up blogging since I have been back to work. Had a great 1st day with the kiddos, they were super sweet and shiny, I love the honeymoon period! Too bad it never lasts past September. A few things...
  • Sukey is home! I have to help her walk, and D carries her up the stairs at night, but I am happy she's home (five nights in the animal hospital is a lot!) and more importantly, SHE'S happy :)
  • A few more pics from our trip to NYC last weekend.
camera phone self-portrait with D

Our friends posing with a sun flare

We took the 'water taxi' all around Manhattan island--such a cool way to see the city, and for $20 you can hop on and off all day (I sound like a commercial, but it was really fun)!

Under the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • My Project Catwalk week 7 submission. I love how this came out, I am glad I made this layout for me rather than trying to make something that would win (since I never get picked anyways, it kills me, but I gotta say everyone's entries are pretty damn good!).

  • and finally, keep an eye out Monday for the new prompt at The Creative Type challenge blog--it's a good one!


Leah said...

yay! i love how it came out!!

and that picture of you two at the wedding is a great one. you look so purrrty!


Lara said...

looks fantastic - LOL at never winning - me neither, but still loving the challenges.