21 September 2008

Stash Diet

Even though I totally don't believe in diets (i believe in changing habits), I am participating in a Stash Diet over at We Scrap Better...these are the rules:
  1. Create 50 layouts using only products, tools, and supplies we have on hand.
  2. Cardstock and adhesive can be purchased when needed. Who can make many pages with no adhesive?
  3. Gift certificates, RAK's, DT kits and current subs to kit clubs can be used.
  4. Larger altered projects count as 1 layout.
So, I have already shown you my first "layout," which is actually an ATC set, and I have only got 49 more to go! It has been a busy week, and I have enjoyed resisting temptation to buy with the knowledge that my stash will be SO much slimmer at the end of all this...luckily, I am participating in a Happy Mail swap, so if there is something I absolutely MUST buy, I can always RAK it off or send it to my partner (you are probably starting to see why I suck at dieting now, lol). Here's the layout I created for this week's Project Catwalk challenge. It's the last week for the challenge to be open to everyone, from here on only the top 25 point earners can play--I have been hovering at 27-26-25, so I don't know if I'll be in it. But it has been fun! This week's challenge was to lift another PC contestant's layout, I love doing this, so I actually made two! Here's the layout I lifted, and the one I submitted:

And here's the one that I didn't submit, I lifted MandyKay's ode to simplicity, which is so good it makes my teeth hurt. I didn't show as much restraint at MK did, but I am still pretty happy with the result:

Last night I had fun playing with the glitter in my stash, and made these two layouts:

Now is when I reveal what a true dork I am. A few weeks ago I won a free class over at Get It Scrapped called "Back to Class." Basically, it was instructions on creating a school years album for your child, from pre-school to grade twelve. She gives you a format and you apply it to every year, and she encourages you to make the pages ahead of time to save time and effort later. So, not to let this prize go to waste, I have created a double page spread for every year of Chloe's education, because, well...because I am crazy. Never mind that by the time she's in high school we'll both probably hate the papers I chose, and school pictures will probably be holograms, I mean, she's already 15 months old, I better get a leg up! I don't know, it was like once I started I couldn't stop, and now it's done. And how many people can say they finished their child's school years album before their child has even learned to talk? Just me, ocd crazy me! So since I started the stash diet last week, I made four 2-page layouts. Because there aren't any pictures, I think I 'll count each spread as just one layout. Here they are in all their glory (don't make too much fun of me!):

Whew! That's 9 down, 41 more to go for the stash diet!!


Lori W said...

Look at you go!
After tonight, I'll have finished 8 of 50....whew! It's gonna take a Looooongg time!
I actually love the idea of the school album....now you'll have them ready!

Sandy said...

wow. you have been so busy!!! you're good - i don't think i could go on a stash diet. btw judean your layouts are just beyond amazing lately - the one with little chloe and the birdie is the cutest thing i've ever seen! xo

shaina said...

that stash diet is such a cool idea!! and what your creating is pretty much brills... :) you rock!