03 September 2008

Hey there Blogworld...

I have had a busy, hectic week. A lot going on, between going back to work and everything else I've barely had time to check my email, much less blog about anything! My birthday was fantabulous, I went to lunch with my Mom and she watched the baby while I got a much-needed pedicure, then D and I went out to dinner with the bear and I was surprised when bff and her hubster joined us. We had yummy sushi, like the best I have had in a long time, and champagne and lots of laughs--a perfect birthday evening! The next day was tough, as Sukey seemed to have a really hard time walking--by the end of the day, she was basically using her front legs to drag herself forward. The next morning we took her to the animal-emergency room (I am really lucky to live super close to an amazing animal hospital called Angell), which was complicated by the fact that my parents were coming to stay with bear because we were supposed to catch the shuttle for NYC. Here's Sukey in the waiting room:

She was still pretty much herself at this point, by that I mean not in pain and cheerful and goofy as always. So we decided to take a later flight, and left her at the hospital overnight for some tests, and landed that afternoon. D forgot his glasses, so after a hair-raising taxi ride into Manhattan and checking into the hotel, he rushed to a LensCrafters to see if he could get glasses made. He couldn't (so much for 'in about an hour'). I was spending my first night away from bear, we had a wedding to go to of a dear college friend of mine, and we were determined to make the best of it!

The wedding took place at Battery Park Gardens, which is at the tip of Manhattan overlooking the statue of Liberty. Here are a couple of camera-phone shots of before the ceremony:

(If you look really closely you can barely make out Miss Liberty in the distance in the pics above)

We just let our hair down and enjoyed being out, baby-free, dressed up and at a happy occasion. D wore his (prescription) sunglasses most the night:

I enjoyed showing off my pedicure in my cute shoes:

...and we got some great photo-booth shots that I can't wait to scrap!

Sukey is still in the hospital, and it has been pretty tough. She may come home tomorrow, and it's my hope that she still has a few more walks left in her :)


Sandy said...

aaaahhhh...the jealousy. wow, what a beautiful little outting!!! nice pedi too! (-;

shaina said...

what i wouldn't give for a pedicure!!! aahhh!!
sorry to hear about sukey. hope things get better. :)