18 October 2008

Lucky me...

I sometimes visit this blog called BostonMamas, and I even put their button in the sidebar because I thought it was cute. They post about local resources and tips for families in Boston and on the internet, and sometimes have great giveaways, which I occasionally enter when the whim strikes. Well, I won a prize, and it's a doozy! Check it out:

Chloe's gonna totally love it--I can't believe I won out of 200+ entries!! My favorite parts: #1 No batteries, nothing electronic, and #2 the food is made from fabric instead of plastic!

Let's see, in stash diet news, things have been sort of slow around here, because I have been dragging my feet about completing these 2 atc sets I commited to, I was feeling so un-inspired. But my bud Lori made these cool atcs using a hambly transparency as the base for the card, an idea I totally loved and just had to copy, so I made my second set last night, hooray (pictures below)! Now I am free to do some more layouts...just waiting for some pictures I ordered to arrive, but tomorrow I may just pull out some older ones and a couple of kits I have stashed and scrap away, if I can find the time. That brings me to 21 down, 39 to go.

eta: how badly do I suck at math?? that should say 21 down, 29 to go. OY!


Sandy said...

omg, you are so lucky!!! what a great thing to win....little chloe is gonna be in heaven! loooooove those atcs....i hope you're in my group!!! i have a feeling you're not...i don't remember making a 'j' - booo! (-:

Lori W said...

rock on girl..how exciting and what a fun win for Chloe!!
Love your ATCs and that you keep giving me props...heehee. ;)

Leah said...

oo, that looks like so much fun! congrats on the win!