20 October 2008

Two Page Spread Overdose

I finally figured out how to scrap the pile of not so great picture from Chloe's first birthday party. I had already done a few pages of some of my favorite pics, like this one:

And this one:

And my favorite of all from that day:

But, what I couldn't figure out was what to do with all the other...put them in an album? Make a mini out of them? I was stumped...until, I saw this challenge at Galblog! Eureka! Two page layouts! I had forgotten all about em!! So here they are, in all their glory--and I managed to cram so many pictures on that I even ended up with a one-pager at the end!

Yeah, they're not my most artistic or well thought-out and planned pages, but it feels great to have them done. Sometimes, it's okay for scrapping to be functional...and I'll be SO glad these pictures are ready for viewing instead of crammed in a box down the road.


Lori W said...

fabulous!!! great job with your 2 pagers!
I got the book today....hate to say it, but I already have it...well all of her books...been a fan for years. But no worries, I'm gonna stick it in your next happy mail box, so you'll get to enjoy it!!:)

Leah said...

love the pages!!