14 February 2011

Week 7--Happy V-day

Happy Valentines Day!
I saw this idea for using a paper towel tube to shoot through this morning, and thought I'd give it a try! Love how the heart shape frames the pic, here's a few more:

And I couldn't resist sharing these:

Hope your day is all kinds of sweet!


Jess said...

aww how adorable! i looove them! have a great day!!

Judy Bagwell said...

Those turned out great!!

Emily said...

Such a great idea!! Thanks for sharing this! I am going to try this sometime! Very cute pics!!!

Christina Aiton said...

This is so so clever and wonderful - I love your photos and will definitely be using this idea - what sweet little faces! I always swoon when I see such blue eyes! (both my DH and son have deadly blue eyes!)

Diana Joy said...

Fun idea...I'll have to try that.