19 February 2011


I have gotten a few more pages completed. I am also chugging through some older kits that I have been hanging onto. I feel so overwhelmed by all the supplies sometimes, and now with all the new goodies being released, I am super-feeling the urge to use stuff up! I am not a hoarder, but I'm a little disorganized and so I don't always know what I have. Plus it's not stored in an easily accessible way (my crafty room is currently also a baby-napping room twice a day), so if I want to work during nap time I gotta grab stuff and bring it to another part of the house. Not always easy when there are 3 little ones underfoot. And a hubby who likes to be able to see the top of our dining room table...

These two I made using a kit full of boyish papers I bought before Peter was even born. I was excited to have a reason to buy something other than girlie-pink and flowers!
I used the most recent sketch from the Sketchabilities blog to do this layout--I love using sketches to jumpstart my creativity when I haven't done much scrapping in a while!
The 'Happy Guy' page above I created using sketch #65 from Inspired Blueprints--a great, new-to-me site that has fabulous sketches and examples (and awesome guest designers...)!

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