01 February 2011

Week 5

Another timer shot with my point and shoot...I tried a couple full-length shots, but just wasn't feeling them!

I have been sewing up a storm--here's a sneak peek:

 Can you guess what I am making?


Cassie said...

A banner?
A Bunting?
Those colors are so yummy!!!!

Jess said...

i love how your week 5 pic came out...the light on your face is great..you look beautiful!

those are fantastic fabrics...looks like a banner...cannot wait to see!

Christina Aiton said...

It looks like napkins but since everyone else is guessing banner, that might be it. The fabrics are so happy and springy! Did you knit the beautiful scarf that you have around your neck in the photo? It looks yummy!

MandyKay said...

ack!I can't wait to see it! I made one for my craft room and its one of my favorite things. so fun!

Jess said...

i am loving your header...did you make it?