06 August 2008

"Would you jump off a building if all your friends were doing it??"

This was my parents' inevitable response anytime I wanted to do something everyone else was doing, from getting my ears pierced to going skiing for the weekend.

"Uh...Yeah." That was pretty much the extent of my retort. Hell yeah, if ALL my friends are jumping off a building, they obviously know something I don't! My sense of logic rarely swayed their opinion.

And here I am. Like, 20 years down the road, jumping off the building. And it's all your faults, friends. I am on the blogwagon, and there's no knowing what I'll do!


Aimee said...

nice, you're funny. i'm totally breaking your blogger comment hymen. okay, that's sick. sorry. welcome to the blog world my dear!!



shaina said...

welcome welcome! great introduction to a new blog! and try scrapblog for some great formating ideas. :P

My scrappie life! said...

Do we have by any change the same parents? ;) LOL....I heard that comment so many times from my parents too!!

Welcome!!! Have fun creating!!

JessSrail said...

I've been thinking about jumping off that same damn bridge...maybe we should have some drinks before we plunge to our death???

Jessica (jesssrail)