15 August 2008

40 years...

I had an awesome time making this week's Project Catwalk challenge, but I can't post it yet. Let me just say that I did a lot of hand sewing on it, and I love the effect! In the meantime, I will share a layout I did for some bonus points for PC. I love this picture of my parents on their wedding day...I can't get over how young they look--like kids. Which is not a way I am used to seeing my parents, obvsiously. Except, they really are young, just 20 years old! Amazing, to think they are still together (they celebrated their 40th anniversary this year) after such a bumpy beginning. Go John and Paulette!!

So, the challenge was to use only the materials and tools from this list:
(I used everything)
some type of tape (the black book binder's tape)
a piece of mail you received today (what I stitched on and the flower)
something that is currently in your pantry (I used a cap from a tube of frosting to "stamp" my background)
needle and thread

It forces you to get really creative, being limited to those things...with no paint brush, I had to figure out an improvised stamp. With no adhesive, the stapler and tape played a bigger role than usual. Although, my mom would not approve of the staples on the pictures, she thinks they look 'messy' LOL!


Anonymous said...

That is a very cool layout! And congratulations to your parents - wow that is just so wonderful!

Sandy said...

i love that page!!! you should so win...(-; oh yeah, btw the dotty, treeish thing is just paper...the pic actually doesn't show it off very well...(-; have a nice weekend judean! i'm putting your layout in the post tomorrow!

Jamie Bo Bamie said...

Your page is really great, you managed to utilize the items on the list so well.

Oh and I heard that the farmers market in Union Square is now like 3-4 times a week! I love all that stuff!

Cassie said...

Give her some time. I used to feel the same way about staples. They grow on you! I love that your circles are wedding band-ish.

Chez said...

eeeeeeeeeeeee look at you coming into the 20th century!!!!!! HEHEHEH Linked!