18 August 2008

memory lane

This post at my bff's blog inspired me to take a dusty box of letters off the closet shelf, to search for her letters to me from back when we were in college. What a trip!

I'm so glad I saved them! It's so cool to reconnect with her former self, and in a way, through her words, who I was at the time. The letters are all over 10 years old, and focus a lot on BOYS, classes, and friendships. A couple of boys in particular reappear in her letters, it's funny to remember how consumed we'd become... It was also interesting to read how unhappy we both were our 1st semester away at college. I remember it being a tough transition for me, and I'd be curious to see what I had to say about it in my letters.

One of the best things about re-reading Leah's letters are her little doodles and poems. I can see hints of the direction her art has taken now, even from these long-ago, quick and random sketches:

Check out Leah's blog, Creative Every Day, for lots of inspiration and advice about nurturing your creative side! She has a TON of bloggers who are participating in an awesome challenge to bring more creativity into their lives.
Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the info about Creative Everyday. Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

I dont think I have any old letters anymore, what great memories!!

Leah said...

i had a great day with you today, luf!!! the letters were pretty funny. the butt munch one definitely was the best. :-) and i still feel the same way about you now! xoxo

TracyP said...

LOL....Stuck on the letter to:Butt Munch! My Brother used to call me that....Just cracks me up everytime I hear those 2 words! YAY I am so excited for you!!!!!!

Chez said...

oh super congrats dude!!!!!! I saw that the other day and I forgot to say something. Can't wait to see the challenges! :)