08 August 2008

I don't know what the crap is up with the slideshow over there ----> I thought it would be my stuff from flickr, but it's obviously not. If anyone wants to tell me how to make it work, your assistance is much appreciated.

So I made the banner on Scrapblog, as suggested by ever-so-clever Shaina, but it (I?) was having lots of issues, so I got impatient and declared it done even though it is less than perfect.

I am crabby today...getting ready to go away from the weekend, and not really feeling like packing. I think the real reason I feel low is that Baby Bear decided to give up nursing this week! I definitely feel lucky that she nursed as long as she did (just over 13 months) and that I didn't have to go through some long, arduous process of weaning, but I guess I'm a little sad that it is the end of an era. Plus I think my hormones are all out of whack. Fun.

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