10 November 2010

SEI Necklace

I was lucky to receive some of SEI's Metal Filigree Accents from the Moonrise collection, and had the idea to make a necklace using a few of the pieces. They are so pretty and delicate, I thought they'd look great on!
I took 3 necklaces (2 chains and 1 beaded) and attached the three ends together on each side.
Then I used a 7-gypsies clip-thingy to attach that to the metal accents, and another one to attach the metal accents to some glittery Prima ribbon. A little hot glue to make sure everything stayed secure, and I was done!
What scrapbooking embellishments are you thinking of wearing?


Tam said...

Beautiful! What a lovely necklace. Using scrapbooking supplies too cool!

Valencia said...

Very, very creative!

Jamie Dougherty (jaylynn) said...

Love the necklace :) Awesome idea.

mrschez said...

hello, love

Scrappy Do said...

That was such a clever use of the embellishments! Great job!