24 November 2010

I bought two pre-designed albums from Making Memories for my twins--great time savers when you don't have a minute to sleep, much less scrap--but I thought the covers needed a little more personalization!
So I thought I would hand sew a few little embellishments for the covers, easy-peasy!
I started with my fabric, embroidery hoop, chipboard letters, and disappearing ink pen (you can find one of these with the sewing notions). Lay out the letters, making sure they all fit, then trace around them. I do one at a time, then sew, because I am a slow sewer, and they'll disappear before I get to them otherwise!
Then just do a simple backstitch over the letters that you trace.
Or, you can do a running stitch all around the letter, then go back and fill in the spots that you missed...sometimes I find this easier!
Then I cut out my completed piece using pinking shears, secured it to a slightly larger piece of felt using a running stitch, embellished with a flower and buttons, and finally glued the whole thing to the front of my album using fabri-tac.
For Peter's, instead of using the chipboard letters, I decided to try a different "font" for his
This went much more quickly, so I was able to write out the entire name at once.
I was having so much fun, I made a heart and star using the same technique!

Much better, don't you think!?! What do you do to make the front of your albums unique?


kim c said...

i love the personal touch you did on these books. they will be family heirlooms one day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandy said...

OMGSOCUTE!!! you are soooooo crafty...(-;

did you change up your blog or am i imagining things? super cute either way....