21 April 2012

Here are some simple layouts...

...I made when I was feeling *very* little mojo. I was hoping this yummy AC Chap line was going to inspire me, but looking at these some of these now, I cringe.
I also don't know why fifty percent of my project pictures are coming out of my camera super blurry, while the other fifty percent are fine...but I suspect it may have something to do with a certain 2 year-old who likes to stick his finger into the lens!
You can barely make out the stitching I did on the one above, it took like for-evah, for very little impact. boooo! Look at those twinnies up on the dining room table! We've got some serious monkey-see-monkey-do-itis here in this house!
I do really like the colors in this one. And the picture. And the stickers, which you probably can't read because it's blurry.
I like this one too. But I am totally firing my camera! Look, I used my new Jenni Bowlin punch, those little label tabs on the left. LOVE! And every single picture I have scrapped has been from my phone, and instagrammed as well...I guess we know the reason for that, now don't we? Consider yourself warned, camera!

I just noticed Paper Issues has a kit of Chap goodies up for sale in the shop--go grab it and prove you can make it look way better than I did. And save 20% off with the coupon code  Sukeydookiedoo!

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