25 October 2011

Boo to You!

 I have a huge button stash. Seriously, HUUUUUGE! My Grammie is a collector at heart, and she somehow amassed a ton of buttons, which she has given to me. I was totally overwhelmed when I first received (over a year ago) the TWO boxes full, packaged in various jars and cigar boxes, envelopes and baggies. I think a lot of them were picked up at garage sales or flea markets, because it's as if I have not just one grandmother's collection stored in a dusty attic, but literally dozens of individual collections. Slowly I have been sorting through the button pile, arranging some by color, some to give away, and some for (yet to be determined) projects. There are some really old, interesting ones that I may someday try to figure out the origins to.

But in the meantime, I have completed my first button project, just in time for Halloween! It's just a piece of cardboard covered in patterned paper onto which I very lightly printed the outline of the word BOO! Then I glued my buttons on using glossy accents, added a paper ruffle, Pink Paislee satin pleated trim, and some cool orange tinsel (thanks Cass:). Finishing touches included a couple of glittered skulls with orange crepe-paper ruffles and some hemp twine to hang it all by--tada!
What Halloween decorations have you made this year? Check out Paper Issues link party for loads of inspo!!

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Jess said...

that is super cute! love it!