09 July 2010


I know we're not alone in the heat wave, but can I just say, enough is enough!! Luckily for us, there's lots of water nearby for cooling off--so much, in fact, that we have been swimming in 4 different places in just as many days...

The Lake in NH

The Kiddie Pool

The Big Pool at Grandma and Grandpa's
(do you see that big girl swimming by herself!?!)

And, The Ocean
(Chloe kept losing her bathing suit bottom. Clearly she has inherited her father's derriere!)

Did you see my post about making popovers? Well, as soon as it cools down, I am excited to try ALL the other recipes in that book (I think we'll do the pretzels first). Speaking of which, pop over to the author's blog for a fun giveaway--then visit Betz White's blog for a chance to win Homemade Fun for yourself!

1 comment:

erinrwillis said...

It's H.O.T. here too. Jeez louise.
Love the pics of the kiddos swimming.
That one of Chloe's bathing suit bottom made me laugh. - I don't have that problem. ;)