08 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A couple of Mother's Day projects for my mothers:
The next one I made a month or two ago, then had the idea to add the kiddo's pics and put it into a shadow box for my MIL.
A quick card:Tonight we went out to dinner with both sets of grandparents. I realized we had the perfect adult to child ratio 2:1. Meant we could actually eat our dinners and enjoy being out.
Kitty and Chloe
My mom and Sadie
David and Peter

Peter and Sadie had their first solid food this week, it was a messy messy adventure.
He looks a little concerned here, don't you think?
Mmmmm, first bite!Not too sure...Can I have my milk now??

Yes...I fed Sadie too!
I know, I know, it's terrifying to see her on the counter like that. Not to worry, I was never more than 2 inches away!

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erinrwillis said...

CUTE projects! Love those pinwheels!

Cute baby pics too. I remember feeding solid food to Alison for the 1st time.... She was like "What IS this stuff??"