16 May 2010

Half Birthday!

Peter and Sadie turned 6 months on the 13th!!
We're at the stage where everything goes into Peter's mouth. And his grip is super strong--once he's got a hold of something, there's no getting it back!
He really is all boy--it's amazing to me how different he is from both Sadie and Chloe. His fat little fists, solid body, flirty smile. There are a lot of similarities with Chloe when she was at this age too--the determination to move, for one thing. He's just on the cusp of crawling, and will focus on something placed just out of reach on the floor with such wiggly intensity, he moves himself backwards! He has figured out how to roll somewhere across the floor, and is constantly putting his toes in his mouth when lying on his back.

Sadie-bug is all about getting things in her mouth too!
My Mom referred to her as a "little rosebud" the other day, and I think that's the perfect description. She's got really delicate little features, the softest skin I have ever felt, and the bluest eyes. And she's SO squishy--I love squishy babies!! Her hair is looking reddish in certain light, so I can't really tell how she'll end up, though she's very fair complexioned. She been twisting onto her side from her back, so I think she'll be rolling over really soon too. She loves being propped up--either in the boppy on her tummy or in the bumbo seat so she can look around. She is super smiley right now, some morning I'll go in after she's woken and be greeted with the biggest grin and the sweetest coos. Last week she had her hips checked again and they were declared "perfect," so we're officially done with the harness for good!


Lori W said...

I want to squish them both! Seriously, girl, you guys make some cute kids! :) miss you! xo

erinrwillis said...

CUUUUUUTE. Fun age. Love the "6 months old" sign!!