16 May 2009

ATC Holder Tutorial

If you're like me, you've got a few collections of ATCs still in their envelopes from swaps, and you're not too sure what to do with em! Well, I'm going to show you 2 quick and easy holders to make for your ATCs, made from...playing/trading cards in your stash!
You'll need...
Scissors, stapler, gaffer tape, 2 extra large cards (such as Tarot cards or Children's playing cards), 5 standard-sized playing cards, bone folder, ribbon, and your ATC collection.
1. Score one of the extra-large cards like the picture below, making sure there is at least 3 inches between the folds:

2. Place second oversized card below the first, lining it up between the score marks, and attach using tape (notice the first card is turned horizontally, and the second is turned vertically):
3. Place another piece of tape over the first, sticky sides together, I used two pieces of tape for each layer, because my stack of ATCs was rather thick
4. then run tape perpendicular along the edges--on the outside of the case:
this picture shows the face-side of the cards--the side I'll want to show:
5. Fold the bottom up and the front over, then secure the tape to the front of the box, folding under the edges like gift wrap:
The nice thing about the gaffer tape is it's pretty forgivable--you can unstick and replce if needed, and tuck and trip to make it all look a little neater. Here's the finished holder--I added a label with the date/name of the swap:

ATC Holder #2
1. Arrange 5 standard sized playing cards as shown below:
2. Staple the ends of a ribbon close to the short edges of the center playing card (you'll cut them to length later):
3. Tear 8 pieces of tape--4 the same width as the card and 4 the same length. Put 4 pieces around the edge of the card:
4. Place 4 remaining cards around the center card, then apply the rest of the tape so the sticky sides are together:
This is what the outside looks like with all the tape in place:
5. Next you're going to put your stack o' ATC's in the middle, fold up the sides and top/bottom, and secure with the ribbon...
..tie a pretty bow, and trim the ends...voila!

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Jennifer said...

i love these holders!!!
i totally want to make some =)