23 January 2009

Create '09--Week 4

Well, the first month of 2009 is almost over, was it everything you hoped it would be? I am still excited by the prospect of sparkly fresh beginnings that a new year brings, I'm sure glad that hasn't worn off yet! For this week's Create '09 prompt, I want you to pick something you want to remember about the first month of 2009. What happened that you want to recall 1, 5, or 10 years from now? Pick an event from your life or the world, something someone said, or a favorite picture from January to create your page/card/atc around.

Here's my page:
Don't forget to link your creations up to this thread!


Sandy said...

love love love this!! you rock! and you know boston is totally on my 'to travel' to list - hopefully we'll get to have a few coronas together and hang before too long...(-:

. said...

This is totally something to scrap about. We will never want to forget this year:) Love what you did!!!

scrapwitch said...

hey gorgeous..just wanted to let you know there's a sis cj coming your way ....should be with you at the end of the week ..fingers crossed