11 December 2008


I finished this set of three puppets for Chloe's Christmas present, aren't the just the cutest!? That's a rabbit in the middle, mouse on the left, and bear on the right. From behind:
I followed these instructions for the mouse from The Long Thread blog, but added arms and felt hands. Then I adapted the pattern to make the other two. I love rabbit's ears, although I think the expression on his face makes him look a little kookie ;)


Leah said...

these are SO cool!!! great job, luf!! i totally love those bunny ears. :-)

the long thread said...

These look great! I like the addition of the hands -- much more user-friendly. Puppets are on my list to make in the next couple of weeks. It's a long list.

Pam said...

oh these are just the cutest!!
Have a great holiday season!

* said...

Those are just the perfect gift!! You did a wonderful job:)