19 December 2008

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

Here are the directions to making a mini-accordion book you can adhere directly to your page, providing room for lots more photos without the clutter:1. Cut two pieces of chipboard 4.5x4.5, two pieces of patterned paper 5x5, and two strips of cardstock 4x6.
2. Score the cardstock strips every 4 inches, overlap and glue into one long strip.
3. Cover the chipboard with the patterned paper, by gluing the chipboard to the middle of the wrong side of the patterned paper, folding in the corners first and then gluing the edges.
4. Place a 12" ribbon across the center of the back cover, then adhere the last square of the cardstock strip on top.
5. Accordion fold the cardstock, then glue the front cover to the first square. Embellish, and add pictures and journaling (you can use the front and back of the accordion strip), then adhere just the back cover to your page. Hold the book closed by tying the two ribbon ends across the front of the book.
And that's it! I hope you have fun making an accordion book, remember to be sure to load up your project in the ScrapGal gallery to get your points!

Here's a page I did last Christmas using the same technique:

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Sandy said...

holy cuteness!!! where oh where did you get that paper from - i keep seeing it everywhere. total love.

if i don't talk to you before...have a wonderful christmas my friend, and a big ((((hug))) for chloe from ella. (-: xo