05 November 2008

Prompt #6 is up at the Creative Type

Mix it Up

The challenge is to use different fonts on your layout. I used several different letter stickers and some rub-ons, it took fooooooorever, but totally worth it for the effect, don't you think? These pictures totally crack me up, they're from Columbus day weekend up at the lake. We found this antique abacus that was probably D's dad's from when he was a boy, and Chloe just loves to slide the beads back and forth. When I was trying to come up with a title for this page, I kept thinking it would be funny if D was trying to get Chloe to do his taxes or tell on Mommy's scrapbooking spending habits, but both of those ideas seemed too convoluted, and probably just funny to me (I'm used to being the only one cracking up at my own jokes, it's okay). Anyways, I thought with the mixed up fonts, it reminded me of kid's handwriting, so I composed a little note from 15 month old Chloe to her Daddy, who is in reality probably isn't even thinking about math at all!

I think this is 38 for the stash diet...I'm kind of losing track...which is a good sign, I'd say! So that makes it just 12 to go!



LOL...hey I crack myself up too

The layout looks great!!!
Thanks for sharing...
BTW. congrats on the catwalk!
Good job!

The Creative Type said...

LOVED this layout by the way. Love all your layouts by the way:)

shaina said...

i love what you came up with for this. i wasn't able to play this time around... :( man we've got such an awesome team of ladies, eh? so glad you're there too!

Sandy said...

i love your new blog-look!! okay, you gotta give me lessons, especially the dotted line and two colors!!! pleeeeeeeeeease!! (-:

Chez said...

oh look your blog came out so cute!