14 November 2008

Circle Journal

I made this little art journal for a circle journal swap that's starting soon. There's about 12 of us participating, from the US, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Norway. It'll be a year before I get this bad boy back, but I am excited to see it filled with so many creative individual's creations!

These are the front and back covers. I gesso-ed and painted, then collaged the images on top. The theme for my journal is "Inspiration," I am hoping everyone will share what's currently inspiring them to create.

Reverse of the front cover, and the instruction page, I left it open except to ask everyone to create a 2 page spread (the pages are 6x6 inches).

These are the sign-in pages, there are spaces that look like this for all 12 participants to tell a little about themselves and include a picture.

Here are my pages, I cut up some pictures taken by D. into squares, inked the edges, then rearranged onto the page. I am already missing the glorious fall colors, going outside everyday was a feast of color for just about the entire month of October!


Kristina said...

gorgeous and so inspiring!


Love the photos! Looks like your swap will be a blast!

Anonymous said...

Love your CJ!! To see how many posts you have made look at your dashboard. It will say, new post, edit post, and a total off to the left. HTH!!

Sandy said...

wow!! beautiful judean!! i've never done a cj before - i can't wait to see how it all turns out - keep us posted!xo

Lori W said...

love love lovin your art journal pages! awesome!