12 July 2011

We had a Fishie Birthday Party!

Chloe is Four!!
I can't believe it's been four years since my life changed so completely--Chloe made her appearance at 8:29 on June 21, 2007, and suddenly, I was a Mama. She requested a "Fishie" party this year, and I was happy to collaborate with MIL and D. on activities for the party...Planning for just a few of her friends from pre-school and family, we all took the theme in a slightly different direction.

Food was simple--goldfish crackers in a glass fishbowl, candy sushi--which was a huge hit w/the adults--(idea from here), and a watermelon shark (another great idea I found here)!

I was too frantic to take and good pics before or during the party, but I used Pink Paislee's Soiree Flags and Baker's Twine for the table labels,

...as well as for these homegrown wildflower vases (woohoo for finding another use for the babyfood jars!)!
The cute sea-life theme images were a free digital download from here--I recolored them to fit my scheme.
I re-did the front door wreath I made for Leah's shower for the party, using more PP Soiree:

Check out the awesome ship D. constructed from cardboard and an old sheet--the kiddos loved it, and it was so cool that the playset served as the end of the boat.

We also had a photo-booth type set up, using this awesome background my MIL painted. The sharp-toothed fish came off, and the kids could choose him or the octopus to pose as. All the other creatures were held on with velcro, so they could be rearranged.
We took pictures of everyone, then had them decorate a frame with sea-life themed stickers which they took home. We included the photos in the thank you notes.
We had a little fishing pool as well, with paper-clipped paper fish and a magnet fishing pole, and all of the sea-life stuffed animals I could round up from the toy bins. I made some felt fishie bean bags for a beanbag toss that never really happened.

D. and I planned a treasure hunt that had the kids figuring out clues that led them all over the yard, and finally to their party-favor treasure: a tiny sand pail containing swedish fish, a squirt gun and those plastic sea creatures you get in the tubes.
Hiding out in the treasure chest after the loot was found.
Finally...the cake! I always end up trying to frost w/buttercream in the summer, and I think I finally learned my lesson that it just doesn't work in the heat/humidity! I think it turned out cute nonetheless, and Chloe couldn't have been more pleased :)

So...that's about it. A great time celebrating my fabulous four-year-old, who I hope will stay little just a little while longer!
P.S. Paper Issues is having a Life is Sweet linky party, where I've linked up my table labels--you should check it out!


Kimmie said...

Wow, Judean! What a fabulous party! I can't even imagine the work that had to go into something like this! FANTASTIC!! :o)

kim c said...

And the winner of the "Mom of the Year" award goes to...drumroll....YOU! What an awesome party. Seriously. I mean, everything...awesome.

Jess said...

eeeeekkkkkk that is the cutest party ever!! happy belated birthday to your sweetie pie Chloe!!

Judy Bagwell said...

WOW! Love the fishy theme. What a cute party!!

Lowri said...

What an awesome looking party - I want one!
Great to see you still at Paper Issues and look forward to seeing lots more of your awesome work!