16 March 2011

I'm Baaaaaaack (Weeks 9 and 10)

It was a whirlwind of a trip, but SO nice to get away! And scrap! And hang with awesome peeps! I even got to sleep in...sigh...so nice! I am constantly amazed by the genuine people I have met through scrapbooking online. I know when it comes to the interweb, you have to take everything with a grain of salt (what that means exactly, I dunno)--I mean it's so easy to present aspects of self that aren't necessarily 100% accurate, but I swear I lucked out--won the lottery--when it comes to this crew (and including others who weren't there in person, but defintely in spirit!). My heartfelt thanks to these four lovely ladies for a fantastic and much needed mini-adventure!
Hopefully some of their pics came out good, because I am pathetic at taking photos and only took 4. With my phone. And one was of my thumb (you'll see what I mean in a bit).

So, I have hit a wall with 52 Week Project, and have been having a tough time with these self-portraits. I hate myself in photos, and I'm not a very good photographer, so I'm a little bit at my wits end...should I continue? What are my goals for this anyways? How can I make it a meaningful project for me, and forget about meeting unrealistic expectations for what my photos look like? I'm still pondering...but in the meantime, here's Week's 9 and 10:
Yeah...meh, I know. I wanted to do a cool eye-shot. This is okay...I guess I need to be okay with okay, but it's hard for me. I like to be good at stuff, or I don't like doing it. Which has actually kept me from doing a lot of things I like to do. But that's a conversation for the couch, I guess!
And...there's the thumb, lol. This was waiting for my flight out of Baltimore. I wanted to document my solo trip, since it's a big deal in my world! I walked around the gate, trying to find something reflective, but no such luck. Which brings me to picture #4 from my trip:
Like I said, I hope someone's pictures came out!

Finally, I have a couple layouts to share:

Thanks for stopping by! Come back Saturday--Paper Issues is doing a Blog Hop, and oh yes, there will be prizes :)


Cassie said...

Lovin' those alphas!!! The heart pics are fab!!! I hope somebody got more pics too!!! I would love to see what everyone looks like!!

kim c said...

oh girl! your layouts are slammin'. creative juices definitely flowing. glad you had a good time.

Gretchen said...

wow!! great layouts!!

Crystal said...

i just picked up some of those thickers the other day cause i fell in love with them! they look so cute on the LO & that LO is fab-u-lous girl! big hugs!