10 December 2010

Felted Sweater Stockings

I have been busy making recycled stockings from old sweaters, it takes a long time when you have FIVE family members! I love the way they turned out, and the way they look hanging on our mantle. It's hard to see, but D. created a very clever way to hang the stockings without putting any holes or adhesive on our solid cedar mantle! I love having a crafty husband :) So here they are, in no particular order:
the tree
snowflakes--up close
and from afar

...and finally, this little birdie
Here they are all lined up along the mantle, with our sweet Christmas tree!
Oh, and one more, I made for a gift exchange--I hope she likes it!


heather said...

Completely Adorable Judean!

kim c said...

these are fanfreakingtastic, judean. wow.

Jenny Chesnick said...


Tam said...

Your stocking are adorable! Lots of work but sooooo cool!

Cassie said...

These are fabulous!!!
You do know what causes babies. right?
I mean...if you stop doing that you won't have to make more stockings.

patti west said...

Such beautiful stockings!! Even empty, they will feel like they're filled with love.

Christina Aiton said...

These are so wonderful - I love how perfect they are for Christmas. Happy holidays to you and yours!

MandyKay said...

those are awesome!!! maybe i will make some for my family next year!