03 August 2010

August is here

You'd think it'd be my favorite month, what with having my birthday in it and all, but really August kinda gets me down. Too much heat+humidity will do that to a girl...

This is my *first* Peter layout...I think I have been so excited to scrap some boy pages I got "scrappers block" so to speak. Anyways, I just think he's adorable, and I have so many great pictures just dying to be made into scrapbook pages--this is just the beginning!
And some kiddo pictures, since they are growing so fast and I gotta keep track somewhere! These are from our vaca at the lake:

Pretty typical scene--Peter on-the-move crawling, Sadie sitting and playing.
Another typical scene--big Sadie smiles!
Yup...she's got style :)


erinrwillis said...

Cute kiddos! I like the rick rack on Peter's LO!

Happy early birthday!!

ellen s. said...

oh cute photos!!! loving those fab layouts, too!

Rebecca said...

Super cute layouts and photos! The action I used is from the Coffee Shop blog--all free :)