16 January 2010

(almost) Back to Normal

David and I took Chloe sledding, for some special 2-on-1 time. We had a lot of fun, but it wasn't without some emotional ups-and-downs. We keep reminding each other what our Midwife told us...Chloe'll be in crisis for a while, so expect so tough moments. We're all adjusting, though...slowly but surely!

The babies turned 2 months old on Wednesday!
Here's my fave picture of Peter--he's giving us great smiles, but he saves his biggest ones for the mobile over the crib:
And Sadie's starting to look like a little girl, doncha think?
A few more...
"enough with the pics!!"


Leah said...

eek! so super cute! happy 2 months, babies!!

Erin Flynn said...

Can't believe they are two months and I haven't met them yet! We are getting over colds, but we should plan a play date once my fam is germ free. BTW - Allie has the same outfit as Sadie.... They could be all matchy!

mandiegirl said...

They are just TOO cute!

kk said...

Looks like a fun day. :) The twins are getting so big!
Super cute. :)

Lori W said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm...I need to kiss those cheeks!! they are ADORABLE..all THREE of them!! I miss you!